KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
Scale 1-200 model
Boeing B767-300ER
Registration: (PH-BZJ)
PH-BZA (MSN 27957/587) Blauwbrug - Blue Bridge
PH-BZB (MSN 27958/589) Pont Neuf
PH-BZC (MSN 26263/592) Brooklyn Bridge
PH-BZD (MSN 27610/605) Koning Hussein Brug - King Hussein Bridge
PH-BZE (MSN 28098/607) Ponte Rialto - Rialto Bridge
PH-BZF (MSN 27959/609) Golden Gate Bridge
PH-BZG (MSN 27960/625) Erasmusbrug - Erasmus Bridge
PH-BZH (MSN 27611/633) Tower Bridge
PH-BZI (MSN 27612/647) Bosporusbrug - Bosporus Bridge
PH-BZK (MSN 27614/661) Zeelandbrug - Zeeland Bridge
PH-BZM (MSN 28884/738) Pont Garibaldi - Garibaldi Bridge
PH-BZO (MSN 30393/781) Karmsund Bru - Karmsund Bridge
Flat black display stand - Original printed box
Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 2002
Registration PH-BZJ on model is not used in the fleet
Air France + KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines - The Flying Dutchman
Aircraft type: Boeing B767-306(ER)
Configuration: C30Y190
Engines: 2x GE CF6-80C2B6F
Dimensions: Lenght 54,94m - Height 15,90m - Wingspan 47,57m
Maximum take-off weight: 181,400kg
Maximum cruising speed: 850km/h
In November 2005, the Boeing 767-300 was replaced by the A330.
Callsign: KLM