Scale 1-200 model
Boeing B737-200C
BWA Colors


OO-SDA (MSN 20907/351) 1996 Color scheme Flying together with Swissair - official sponsor of the Olympic games of 1996 - Marsupilami to comemorate 100 years of Belgian cartoons
Preserved at BOH Jun 2011 at JARE Airline Training Partnership as a cabin trainer, fuselage only (50°47'4.27"N 1°51'4.73"W)


Registrations for B737-229(A):
OO-SDB (MSN 20908/352) Stored
OO-SDC (MSN 20909/353) Scrapped
OO-SDD (MSN 20910/358) Broken up Jan 2010 at BOH - Preserved Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom 2010 at the DHL Heathrow Flight Assembly Centre, forward fuselage only in DHL colours (51°29'8.49"N 0°30'14.54"W)
OO-SDE (MSN 20911/360) Preserved Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia 2015 at the Saygon Night Park as a flight experience ride (7°44'44.90"S 112°44'30.04"E)
OO-SDF (MSN 20912/365) Partially Scrapped
OO-SDG (MSN 21135/418) Preserved at BOH 8 Dec 2013 at the Bournemouth Aviation Museum in Palmair colours, forward fuselage only (50°46'32.90"N 1°50'35.36"W)
OO-SDL (MSN 21136/420) Broken up Jun 2009 at BOH
OO-SDM (MSN 21137/421) Preserved at JAD 24 Apr 2010 with Polytechnic West College, used as groundtrainer (32° 5'20.11"S 115°52'55.26"E)
OO-SDN (MSN 21176/431) Preserved White Gum Air Park, Australia May 2021 (Visit: 737-200.com.au/)
OO-SDO (MSN 21177/433) Preserved White Gum Air Park, Australia Mar 2019 (Visit: 737-200.com.au/)


Registrations for B737-229C(A):
OO-SDH (MSN 20914/396) Crashed 4 Apr 1978 at CRL when experienced a bird strike on take-off and aborted too late and overrun the runway. Aircraft was destroyed by fire. Crew training flight. 0(3)
OO-SDJ (MSN 20915/401) Broken up Feb 2019 at JNB
OO-SDK (MSN 20916/403) Broken up May 2008 at BOH
OO-SDP (MSN 21139/437) Active
OO-SDR (MSN 21738/576) Active


Flat white display stand - White box
Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 1972


The first Boeing B737 of Sabena was handed over on 29 April 1974 but remained for a while in the States for Crew trainiing.
It was delivered at Brussels on May 17 (as second on Belgian soil after OO-SDB) and became operational on June 15.


Aircraft Type:
Boeing B737-229(A) (Advanced Expansion Model)
Boeing B737-229C(A) (Combi Cargo - Freighter)
The most significant exterior features of the -ADV are the extended engine nacelles (by 1.14m/3ft 9in), broad engine pylons and the inboard leading edge flaps extended to the fuselage.
Configuration: CY109 - Cargo - Freighter - CY66(+1 attendant seat)+2P - CY54(+3 blocked seats)+3P
Delivered: 26 April 1974
Engines: 2x PW JT8D-15(HK3) - 2x PW JT8D-15A - 2x PW JT8